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Dixie y la rebelión zombie

Dixie and the Zombie Rebellion

All Ages (exemption) DIRECTOR: Ricardo Ramón, Beñat Beitia.
CAST: Paula Ribo, Ivan Labanda, Núria Trifol, Elisabeth Bergalló, Luis Posada, Roser Batalla, Francesc Belda. SPAIN, 2014, 82 MIN, Spanish with English subtitles.

Dixie is back and after a dramatic experience being turned into a zombie, she is now trying to live a normal life as a mortal with her friends and has moved in with her mother after her parent's divorce. Just when everything was going so perfectly for Dixie back at school, her old zombie friends, Gonner and Isis, show up with bad news: The wicked witch Nebulosa is leading the zombies in a rebellion against all mortals so that she can finally achieve her dream of conquering the world. As bearer of the magical Azoth, only Dixie can stop her, but in a final battle between zombies and mortals, which side will Dixie ultimately choose?

This fun animation with unique characters will delight young students and ultimately teach them about true friendship, acceptance and self-belief.

Ages 7-13yrs

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