Welcome from the festival patron

Amigos y colegas, hola y bienvenidos,

To my delight, I am continuing my role as patron for the 2015 Spanish Film Festival, and I extend an invitation to each of you to experience 38 outstanding contemporary Spanish language films that make up the fantastic programme this year exclusive to Palace Cinemas. Included this year is the comedic gem, Spanish Affair, which won the hearts of over two million people in its opening weeks and will be a must-see at the festival this year.

I think some people have been surprised that a Spaniard is heading up the largest contemporary dance company here in Australia but the arts truly are global and both dance and film are wonderful windows through which to view the world and remind us there are more things that we share with cultures on the other side of the world than there are differences.

The programme for the festival this year looks ready to set the screen en llamas! With an exceptional array of Spanish products involved in the festival, we all can share a unique and authentic experience. The combination of these things makes for a truly wonderful Spanish experience that I invite you all to take part in. Let’s all embrace the Spanish flair inside all of us and be immersed in this fabulous celebration of Spanish language cinema.

Disfrutad el festival!

Rafael Bonachela
Artistic Director
Sydney Dance Company